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(Songs and Stories)
by Dave Mallett, The Smith Sisters, Jonathan Edwards, Phil & Naomi Rosenthal, Barbara Reed and Tom Callinan

cassette: AM-C-105, LP: AM-105

A wonderfully varied collection of songs and stories featuring acclaimed folk musicians and storytellers. Dave Mallett performs his classic composition Garden Song, Tom Callinan tells a hilariously fractured version of Cinderella, Phil and 7-year-old daughter Naomi sing a delightful duet on One Wide River - there is something here for all ages. A great tape for car trips. A Parents' Choice Honors Recording.

SONGS & STORIES: The Owl and the Pussycat, The Haying Song, Grandmother Rosie and Her Ducks, Shenandoah, The Rattlin' Bog, Garden Song, Get Up and Bar the Door, Prinderella and the Cince, Prince, One Wide River


Garden Song
One Wide River

(Family Folk Songs)
by Debi Smith, Phil Rosenthal, Synia & Jeff McQuillan, Beth & Naomi Sommers Rosenthal, and Linda Schrade & Dave Kiphuth

cassette: AM-C-115

New and old folk songs - a hit with all ages! Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award.

SONGS: Clementine, I Can't Wait for Spring, All the Pretty Little Horses, The Dove, White Coral Bells, Apple Picker's Reel, Lullaby, One Potato, The Juniper Tree, What Happened to the Dinosaurs, A Tisket A Tasket, Old Blue, Mairzy Doats, Good Fish Chowder


I Can't Wait for Spring
The Dove

Songbooks 1
Stories 1.2.3
Seldom Scene Recordings
Recordings Page


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