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(and other stories and songs)
by Max Showalter
cassette: AM-C-109

Renowned actor/musician Max Showalter tells delightful versions of several classic fairy tales, adding charming new songs (by Max and lyricist Peter Walker) to the stories. Listeners from the youngest to the oldest will enjoy the lively, often hilarious tales and the seamless blending of stories and music. One of our best-sellers.

STORIES AND SONGS: The Bremen Town Musicians, Not Driving and Not Riding, The World Would Still Be Alright With Me, The Fox as Shephard, You Gotta Put Somethin' In, The Three Sillies


The Bremen Town Musicians

(Two Russian Fairy Tales)
by Max Showalter
cassette: AM-C-110

Two fairy tales by acclaimed contemporary Russian children's author Lev Ustinov are brought to life in Max Showalter's expressive and lively narration. These rich, detailed, sometimes dark tales will transport listeners of all ages to another world. Original music and songs by Max and lyricist Peter Walker add further charm to this fascinating recording.

STORIES: The Gold Dog, The World's Best Tailcoat

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Songbooks 1
Stories 1.2.3
Seldom Scene Recordings
Recordings Page


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